Negative acts, the structures behind them and the traces they leave are key interests Malou da Cunha Bang’s artistic practice. This interest covers both the perpetrators of violent crimes, how violence travels between people and places, as well as the more systemic violence, which become sanctioned through the justice system and policy-making.

She focus on how themes of innocence and guilt, normality and bestiality are created through discourses: In certain narrative logics that exist within supposedly neutral and objective institutions like courtrooms; and in the self-fulfilling logic that exists in the stories people tell about themselves and about the world around them. The private and the public narratives are thus not separate domains, but intertwined and mutually constituting.

She investigates this interest through the mediums of video and printmaking. Her primary locations are spaces that are at the same time private and public, physical and mental. She works with how stories, values, suppression and oppression are located in physical locations; and tries to find new ways to extract the hidden, negative acts from seemingly neutral, familiar and homely spaces.

When constructing locations, she uses familiar and recognizable elements that can be attributed to spaces were we feel safe; she tries to generate them in an ambiguous and insecure manner, where the familiar becomes uncanny and the traces of negative acts become palpable atmosphere.