I work in graphics and the motifs in my prints are composed from private family photos and found images, cinematic material that I have staged and directed, or taken from private home video archives of 8 mm film and VHS.

The scenes in my motifs are often set indoor in sparsely occupied homes, and ordinary but overwhelming public space that resonate with a sense of shivering inertia. 

My works revolve around a restless and ambivalent longing for a community, not knowing if you feel like being a part of it.

I work with the paradoxical anatomy of intimacy, the suffocating security of the ordinary, and the fragile and the beautiful foundation of everyday life.


I am interested in exploring the feeling of belonging and I am inspired by familiar spaces and the ambiguity of the modern home. The home is supposed to be enclosed safe haven but at the same time it also encapsulates the hyper-civilized human body in an inorganic isolation of glass, metal and overexposed surfaces - constantly bathed in light, but with shadowy oases of shelter. I use collages and films as a way to deconstruct the familiar into a new form and challenge established mindsets and values. It is a way of questioning hierarchies and systems that encircle what is termed ‘the normal’.