Everyday life disintegrates even if it continues to intrude; Monotone repetitions, unbearable dealings with fellow human beings in sparse space and impossible navigation in public spaces' alleged neutrality, misunderstood interference, claustrophobic charity, mixed with small moments of exploding happiness.

I work with the paradoxical anatomy of intimacy through grotesque reinterpretations of experienced situations. Memories and states of mind are translated into images of transgressive behaviour, absurd scenes, and embracing encounters between people in series of graphic prints. I try to exhaust all the nauseating, awkward or incomprehensible through scenes that feel both familiar and alienating. The works are populated by awkwardly searching characters.

The images are composed from cinematic material, which I stage and translate into still images and graphic prints. In the translation from video to still images and print, the actions of the characters are maintained and the fleeting moments of the scenes are extended.

The translation from video to graphics evokes reality in a certain way:

In the work with video, the narrative process is for me a way of organizing chaos. It is a way of forming meanings out of the meaningless and dramatizing the ordinary. I try to evoke the unspoken through movement, hesitation, rhythm and dissonance in the choreography of the scenes.

In printmaking the mood of the image saturates, it condenses and manifests almost physically, while the origin of the image moves further and further away from its starting point and becomes a distorted abstraction.

Together the two media help me to maintain my gaze on the potentials of the subject, stretched between fiction and reality, abstraction and realism, the personal and the accessible.